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Santa Barbara

The most pedestrian-friendly breadth of the city, Downtown, is where Santa Barbara’s rich Spanish heritage is on vivid display—and where it seamlessly mingles with modernity. Here, patrons of local favorite Handlebar Coffee look out over a 1782 Spanish fortress and the 1873 Lobero theater neighbors a strip of contemporary boutiques. 

The city’s commitment to Spanish Revival architecture—even national chain banks boast classic red rooftops, white-washed walls, and colorful tiles—visually ties the whole ‘hood together into one delightfully charming package.

At a glance...

Young professionals, families, long-time residents, retirees, and more, all drawn to downtown’s bustle and beauty.

Tourists mixed with locals, side-by-side historic and contemporary buildings, plus scads of culture and charm.

Endless opportunities for shopping, dining, and entertainment with the stunning coastline a short distance away.

Newer apartments, duplexes, townhouses, and condos mingle with older cottages, ranch homes, and bungalows.


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DRE #01477382
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